Suspended License Attorney in San Diego

Suspended License Attorney San DiegoHandling All Suspended License Violations, Including DUI Suspensions, DMV Suspension and Suspensions for Failing to Appear

Suspended license violations can be costly. Losing your license can impact your employment, and deprive you of the means to take care of yourself and your family.

In some cases suspended license charges may result in your car being forfeited, or impounded, for as long as 30 days, exorbitant impound fees, huge fines and mandatory jail time.

If you’ve been arrested or cited for driving on a suspended license you need to contact a suspended license attorney in San Diego that can help you asses your case, evaluate your options and decide the best way forward to protect your license, and potentially your freedom.

Contact my office for an evaluation of your case immediately. I am qualified criminal lawyer focusing on all suspended license violations including DUI, DMV, failing to appear, and habitual traffic offender license suspension cases.

A full list of suspended licenses cases I handle can be found below. Contact me now.  And remember, if you’ve been arrested for a DUI, you only have 10 days to request a hearing or your license will be suspended.

Suspended License Law in California

There are six statutes contained in the California Vehicle Code that make it illegal to drive, or allow another to drive,  a motor vehicle while the driver’s license is suspended or revoked if, and this is a very important part, YOU KNOW the license is suspended.  The statute(s) also make it illegal to drive beyond the scope of any restriction that has been placed on your driving privileges.

Suspended License Punishment and Fines

When compared to other traffic violations, the punishment for driving on a suspended license in San Diego is significant.  Generally speaking, the punishment and penalty for driving on a suspended license is related to the reason your license was suspended.  In all cases, the punishment for driving on a suspended license is quite severe.  Suspended license fines can range from $300.00 to $1,000.00 plus penalty assessments.  The fine for a first time suspended license violation in San Diego is often in excess of $1,200.00, and may include community work service, and/or jail time – yep, you heard right – jail time.

Suspended License Jail Time

It is not uncommon for the prosecution to ask for jail time for some suspended license violations. This is particularly true where the driver’s license was suspended because of a prior driving under the influence violation, or where the driver has prior suspended license violations in San Diego or elsewhere. In fact, in those cases, and depending on the circumstances, jail time may be MANDATORY.  Despite Regardless of the reasons underlying your license suspension, it is essential to contact a qualified San Diego suspended license attorney if you want to put yourself in a position to avoid jail time and extensive fines.  If you have a suspended license ticket in San Diego and would like a free case evaluation contact me now.

Suspended License Defenses

The primary defense for a suspended license violation is the knowledge component.  The state must prove you were driving when you KNEW your license was suspended.  This is not as easy as it sounds.  There are rules of evidence which make it difficult for the prosecution to introduce evidence of constructive knowledge, and you may have your matter dismissed or substantially reduced when these evidentiary problems are present.   Furthermore, all other procedural and substantive defense are available in these cases, but you will need an experienced suspended license lawyer to assist you if you want a legitimate chance to prevail on your matter.

Suspended License Defenses – Mitigation

The reality is, when you have a misdemeanor suspended license ticket you have the right to a jury trial.  Many of these suspended license cases can be won before trial if you have a knowledgeable suspended license lawyer that can present your case to the prosecutor and persuade them to agree to a substantial reduction.   This requires an experienced lawyer that can point out the deficiencies in the state’s case and the mitigating factors which reduce the degree of culpability ascribable to your violation.  If you think you need a suspended license attorney in San Diego contact me now for a free case evaluation to discuss potential suspended license defenses applicable to your case.

Conclusion – Fight Your Suspended License Ticket

Driving on a suspended license tickets are serious and you need a qualified San Diego suspended license ticket lawyer to evaluate the merits of your suspended license case and determine your best course of action.  If you have been cited or arrested for driving on a suspended license I will gladly give you a free evaluation of your case.  I have successfully defended many suspended license tickets in San Diego and sincerely want to help you with your case.